Before or After Your Round Relax in Morrocan Style in Our Stunning Clubhouse - Opening Mid 2014 


          The Noria Clubhouse was designed by acclaimed Moroccan architect, Youssef El Melehi. It is inspired by Moroccan southern architecture and consists of a two storey building over looked by a large tower, surround by a beautiful garden.

          The building offers stunning views on both the golf course and the surrounding Atlas mountains, making it the perfect place to relax before or after your round.

          The central space serves as a gathering place for everyday activities, with a reception, golf shop, informal bar lounge, a restaurant and other amenities, all designed to ensure the comfort of the golfers and guests. 

          The architect chose to distinguish the building by its canvas roof of different heights, taking inspiration from the nomad’s tent, with its traditional and ephemeral aspect and the Atlas Mountain’s silhouette. The light, air and the characteristic atmosphere under the canvas roof are unique qualities that welcome the visitors by an intimate human scaled entrance guiding them from the outer space through the interior areas and out to the golf course where the building features a completely different perception, a monumental one, enhanced by the mountain backdrop and the traditional Moroccan pool.

          This will be one clubhouse you’ll be putting on your social media as soon as you enter as it enhances our outstanding golf experience!